About us

Mio Lanza is as unusual, versatile and unique as the personality of its creator: Mariona Lanza. Indeed, Mio is the short nickname for Mariona. Her parents and friends called her like this when she was a child, and ever since.

It is not possible to talk about Mio Lanza jewels without talking about Mariona, since every single piece has a little something of her: a spark of her curious attitude, an exotic landscape that fascinated her during a travel or maybe a particular glint reminding a mesmerizing view from home.

Mariona Lanza was born in Barcelona, Spain and she has been involved with design and creativity for as long as she can remember. She has a degree in Fashion from IADE, in Barcelona, and she has worked in Fashion for nearly 20 years. However, her relentless will to undertake new projects, took her to move to Switzerland with her family, from where she took the opportunity to change activity. She then started to design and handcraft necklaces and bracelets with something that had always fascinated her: precious and semi-precious stones like emeralds, rubies, pyrite, amethyst, tourmalines, quartz and other. 

The world of Mio Lanza is endless and, indeed, all the pieces are somehow influenced by the places Mariona has visited while travelling: from Morocco to Barcelona, running through Eastern Africa, London, Paris, India and Geneva, among other places. The bijoux are influenced by other cultures and by her own aesthetic background. She conceived every jewel after being fascinated by wonderful views, by small details hidden in the streets of distant cities, or by the spotless waters of untouched islands.

Not only are all the designs original, but also handmade: Mariona personally designs every jewel. She conceives pieces with natural and vibrant colours that are versatile, contemporary and glamorous and can be worn differently depending on the occasion, or even on the mood.

In the end, Mariona has found in jewellery the most beautiful form of expression and every creation is product of something as unique as her way of looking at the world.

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