The Skies are Pink

The Skies are Pink

Young aviator and blogger from Hamburg, Germany

I recall being excited about my final days at flight school. Soon I would be able to apply at an airline to pursue my dream. I studied as thoroughly as possible and worked hard to perform well. Eventually the day of my final check flight came. On my way to our briefing room I tried to hide my nervousness as well as I knew how to. I peeked into the designated room and found our examiner awaiting my colleague and me. Without introducing himself, he merely looked at me and signed. „If Women were made for flying, the skies would be pink “. Thereafter he introduced himself to my colleague and I was left in my flustered state.

After our joint flight our ways parted, and I have never met him since. Still, his words linger in my head until today. Although they are kept in the rearmost corner of my head, every once in a while, they creep up on me.

An oppressor that binds our wings down instead of spreading them.

There is actually no difference in whether a man or a woman is piloting an aircraft. Still, these old stereotypes are stuck in our heads and thus wrecking dreams. An oppressor that binds our wings down instead of spreading them. Why do we hold on so dearly to an outdated fashion? Why do we separate our lives into appropriate sections and divide our community into predefined boxes? Would it hurt so much so consider humankind as a whole?

I continued my journey to find myself flying all over Europe in a commercial aircraft. Daytime, Nighttime, Dusk and Dawn. The sky answered my questions when presenting itself in the most mesmerising colors of red, purple and pink whenever the sun rises or sets. There it was, the sky is pink indeed.

And still, up to this day, I receive frequent feedback concerning my profession. Astonishment would be the general description. Yet, the intriguing part about astonishment is that it may either be positive or negative. Interesting enough, the cause of amazement is not quite linked to the profession itself, rather to me being the person doing it. Why? Because I am a young woman who flies an aircraft for a living. And the skies are pink.


I am wearing a combination of Mio Lanza necklaces which embody my personal journey. Being linked to the Sky, shades of blue and the sunset emphasise my passion. The filigree character reminds me of my own fragility, which nonetheless is enrooted in a strong, indestructible core.

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